The Pennine Way – England’s Backbone

Starting in the Peak District of Derbyshire, the Pennine Way is a national trail over 430 Km long. The start point is in the village of Edale, a short train ride away from… Continue reading

Africa in Black and White

I like the timeless look of black and white, I particularly like Nick Brandt’s work. The images here were mostly taken in colour and  later had their colour removed. They have also been… Continue reading


The first time I visited Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo I fell in love with it. If you were going to spend just one day in Japan, and it happened to be a… Continue reading

Land of the Rising Sun

I worked in Japan on and off for 5 years for a government agency, which was responsible for training Japanese professionals to prepare them for 2 year assignments in developing countries. Most of… Continue reading

African Odyssey

I set off on my first journey across Africa in 1991, which took 17 months, and on my second in 1998, which took 5 months. In 1991 I made my way from Cairo… Continue reading

England – the four seasons

I love the changing light and seasons of the UK. The whole landscape changes every few months as we move through the seasons. I’m probably unique in liking winter. During this month you… Continue reading

Thai Chang

The elephant (chang) is the national animal of Thailand. Numbers in the wild have dwindled due to habitat loss, poaching for ivory – only the males have tusks – and conflicts with farmers.… Continue reading

Great White Shark Research

After graduating from Uni I helped a friend with  his research on great white sharks in South Africa. The research was carried out around a small group of islands lying a few kilometres… Continue reading

Researching the bats of Danjugan Island, The Philippines

Working for a London based conservation organisation, I was part of a team that researched a small island off the west coast off Negros Island, Central Visayas. I mainly worked with bats. It… Continue reading

Researching the Perhentian Islands

The wildlife of the Perhentian Islands off the east coast of Malaysia were first, and last, investigated in the early 20th century.  Almost 100 years on, in 2004, I was Expedition Leader over… Continue reading